About the Author

Rebecca O’Donnell is a Writer/Artist in New York. Her work has appeared at the Alice Tully estate, Oheka Castle, the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan, the Long Island Shakespeare Society, the Paul Newman Double “H” Hole in the Woods ranch, Schneider’s Children’s Hospital and numerous private collections.


She has taught art therapy at an abused children’s home, and her personal memoir Freak: The True Story of an Insecurity Addict, has helped some readers with similar trauma to not commit suicide. “Best thing to do with a manure pile of memories is turn it into compost and grow a garden in it,” she tells other survivors. “I wouldn’t be anywhere near as good a teacher for you if I didn’t have an idea of what you’ve gone through.”


Her novel Manifest Destiny, inspired by an idea from her partner Sabatino Stefanile, was driven by her own past, as well as others with trauma she’s met or counseled over the years. Hurt Magic came about from one of her fans suggesting she create a children’s book to help victims of bullying and/or abuse.


“Creating is therapy,” she tells her audience. “You don’t have to keep all that misery locked up inside, letting it fester and rot. You can splash it out on canvas, pound it out in clay, scratch it out on paper. You can get it Out.” With quirky humor and stunning artwork, Rebecca O’Donnell does just that, with both writing and art.